Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti

This heavily modified Ducati Monster S4, which we saw on Motociclismo, is the work of one Ferruccio Codutti, who, it seems, is a master craftsman in working with aluminium. This one-off special, commissioned by one of Codutti’s customers, took about one full year to build.
Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti
The Monster has been completely restyled and er…, we don’t know if we like the end result very much – it looks a bit awkward and unfinished. The front suspension, which looks like it’s been taken off a Vyrus 985, is much more interesting than the bike’s styling. Codutti designed the entire front end himself, after studying other bikes with similar front ends and even the Elf Honda 500 GP racer! The Monster chassis has also been modified in order to work with the new front swingarm.
Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti

Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti
Because of the space needed by the front suspension, the original radiator had to be replaced with twin radiators placed under the engine. The custom-built exhaust comes from Mivv, while three-spoke wheels are Marvic items. Can’t say we like the bike much – not to look at least. However, as an example of engineering diligence, Codutti’s modded Monster just might work…
Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti

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Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti ~ Grease n Gasoline

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This heavily modified Ducati Monster S4, which we saw on Motociclismo, is the work of one Ferruccio Codutti, who, it seems, is a master craftsman in working with aluminium.

http://bit.ly/MSjhMm Ducati Monster S4 by Ferruccio Codutti ~ Grease n Gasoline

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CAS Racing BMW 1150RS Custom

BMW customs seem to be far more common in Europe than the US and this one by CAS Racing, located in Spain, is one more example. Starting out as a BMW 1150RS, the Paralever rear, standard issue on the BMW, is all they needed out back. A subframe mounted to the engine holds the bodywork which was shaped by first carving a foam mold. Up front is a more substantial subframe used to mount their single sided front suspension.
CAS Racing BMW 1150RS Custom

CAS Racing modified the engine with 14:1 compression and a modified blackbox with custom ignition curves. The added their own airboxes and exhaust. Handlebars are from a mountain bike which gives it a compact and clean look.

An interesting addition is the biometric ignition. A small scanner on the tank reads the owner’s thumbprint to turn things on.

Why don’t we see more BMW customs over here? They seem to offer a lot of room for innovative ideas and they certainly haven’t been overdone like some bikes.

This Memorial Day, Let’s Not Forget

Author: Frank King

Sometimes you can have it so good for so long that you take it all for granted. So as I was thinking about the upcoming Memorial Day, I felt such a concern for America and the freedoms we currently enjoy. Yesterday, for example,  some of my friends and I were talking about what we plan to do this Memorial Day weekend. All of the conversation centered around big family and social gatherings they had planned. Nothing was said of the occasion for the holiday.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with the plans that were voiced. I truly thank God for our country and the freedoms we enjoy. But I am concerned that each year freedom continues to reign, it can become increasingly easier for us to take our freedoms for granted. Against the backdrop of this thought, it is sobering to think on the staggering costs of defending these freedoms even during the current generation: the ugliness of war, tens of thousands of dead service men and women, the deaths of innocent civilians, and tens of thousands of survivors who will never be the same after their selfless service, not to mention the untold grief to their loved ones.

The irony of it all is that–oftentimes–the less we have of those things we value, the more we appreciate the little we have but the more plenteous they are, the less the appreciation. For instance, if the loss of our freedoms were gravely imminent, we would treasure each additional day we managed to hold onto them. But that’s not where we are. Freedom is the order of the day for us. And I submit to you that because of that we should be just as appreciative, actually even more appreciative. What a blessing it is to live in such a free society!

So while we enjoy the fruits of the sacrifice of our fallen defenders of freedom, let’s not forget what it has cost and is costing us. As I am sure many of you do, I wish war was not a reality and necessity, but it is. And I believe it is a good thing for us to take some time to honor the lives of those who over the years have risen to the occasion and who have died to defend what we enjoy. Finally, to those of us who are people of faith, let us pray daily for the safety of our troops and our nation. For God is the ultimate provider of our peace and freedom.

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MORBIDELLI -V8 ~ Grease n Gasoline

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By any estimation, Giancarlo Morbidelli dreamed in epic proportions. A self-made businessman with a passion for motorcycles, he used his entrepreneurial spoils to finance a race team and achieved impressive results: His race bikes won three consecutive 125cc world titles in the mid-1970s, a coveted 250cc title in 1977, and another 125cc championship the following year.

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