Ducati 999VX Cafe Racer – Grease n Gasoline

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Ducati 999VX Cafe Racer
Ducati 999VX Custom Cafe Racer by Venier Custom, New York based custom bike builders Venier Custom Motorcycles recently built a custom Ducati Cafe Racer based on Ducati 999S “Testastretta,” transforming it from a race bike to Street legal cafe racer.
Ducati 999VX Cafe Racer Modification
Ducati 999VX custom leather seat,
spoked wheels from Ducati GT1000
Custom Ducati Zard muffler
Venier Custom Cafe racer Seat
Ducati 999VX Cafe Racer Custom Fenders

Grease N Gasoline‘s insight:

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See on www.way2speed.com


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