Ducati Monster 821 – Grease n Gasoline

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Ducati Monster 821
Brand new “Ducati Monster 821” is powered by a 112bhp water cooled 821cc Testastretta 11° engine. Ducati Monster 821 is available also in Dark version, Ducati Monster 821will be up for delivery July 2014. First images of the iconic new Ducati Monster 821 from Bologna, High-spec brakes, excellent front and rear suspension and stylish componentry Ducati design. Ducati Monster 821 ergonomics is comfortable and with an adjustable seat height, the Ducati Monster 821 also combines 8 levels traction control, 3 levels ABS and 3 level Ride-by-Wire and press-button Riding Modes.

Grease N Gasoline‘s insight:

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