Grease n Gasoline: Custom Yamaha MT-01 | Cafe Racer

Custom Yamaha MT-01 Cafe Racer
Yamaha MT-01 cafe racer project by Red Max Speed Shop “The Chairman’s Rugby Racer Project”. Yamaha MT-01 not a very come bike for cafe Racer conversion. The guys from Red Max Speed Shop took the challenge of Yamaha MT-01 Cafe Racer conversion. Yamaha MT-01 Cafe Racer modifications include Custom cafe racer seat, Custom air intake, Custom Exhaust pipes, Custom Mufflers, Custom Gas tank panels, Custom front fender, the Rear Sub Frame was modified to accommodate the Cafe Racer Seat. custom tail lamp, Clip-ons and bar end mirrors makes it complete. The Custom Paint job makes this Yamaha MT-01 Cafe Racer very masculine and chiseled.


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