Custom Yamaha Xj 900 – Grease n Gasoline

Custom Yamaha Xj 900
Custom Yamaha XJ 900 Scrambler a custom bike from the Tarmac Custom Motorcycles in Spain. This Custom bike stared with a 1986 Yamaha Xj 900 as a base. The Guys at TMC Stripped this Yamaha Xj 900 to essentials. They were not happy with the plastics surrounding this 900cc Japanese machine. The Original take was replaced with Kawasaki Kz650, Gas tank and was painted in retro Yamaha Race livery. The Front suspension and the brakes were borrowed from Yamaha R1.
A Custom Headlamp Grill adds charm, The rear sub Frame was modified to accommodate The custom seat and Handle bar risers was Machined to fit the new Renthal handle bar and quick throttle.
The engine was un-touched but a battery and a cdi unit was replaced. Enduro type tires on the stock XJ900 gives it a muscled looks. Custom Yamaha Xj 900 was completed with a set of reverse cone Megaphones to give a nice sound and a vintage appeal. This Custom Yamaha Xj 900 is surely a head turner.


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